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French and Indian War

French and Indian War packs contain 4 figures, unless noted.
Photo Code Description Price
British Forces
FWB1 British Regulars Center Co Firing $8.00
FWB2 British Regulars Center Co Loading $8.00
FWB3 British Regulars Center Co Advancing $8.00
FWB4 British Regulars Center Co Marching $8.00
FWB5 British Grenadiers Firing $8.00
FWB6 British Grenadiers Loading $8.00
FWB7 British Grenadiers Advancing $8.00
FWB8 British Grenadiers Marching $8.00
FWB9 Cut Down Coats and Hats Firing $8.00
FWB10 Cut Down Coats and Hats Loading $8.00
FWB11 Cut Down Coats and Hats Advancing $8.00
FWB12 British Light Infantry Firing $8.00
FWB13 British Light Infantry Loading $8.00
FWB14 British Light Infantry Advancing $8.00
FWB15 Colonial Rangers Firing $8.00
FWB16 Colonial Rangers Loading $8.00
FWB17 Colonial Rangers Advancing $8.00
FWB18 Frontier Militia Firing or Loading $8.00
FWB19 Frontier Militia Advancing $8.00
FWB20 Highlanders Firing or Loading $8.00
FWB21 Highlanders Marching $8.00
FWB22 Highlanders Charging $8.00
FWB23 Highlander Grenadiers Firing or Loading $8.00
FWB24 Highlander Grenadiers Marching $8.00
FWB25 Highlander Grenadiers Charging $8.00
FWB26 Highlanders Small Kilt Firing or Loading $8.00
FWB27 Highlanders Small Kilt Advancing $8.00
FWB28 Provincials Firing $8.00
FWB29 Provincials Loading $8.00
FWB30 Provincials Advancing $8.00
FWB31 Provincials Marching $8.00
FWB32 Rangers with Snowshoes Firing $8.00
FWB33 Rangers with Snowshoes Loading $8.00
FWB34 Rangers with Snowshoes Advancing $8.00
FWB35 Militia with Snowshoes Firing $8.00
FWB36 Militia with Snowshoes Loading $8.00
FWB37 Militia with Snowshoes Advancing $8.00
FWB201 British Regular Officers $8.00
FWB202 British Regular NCOs $8.00
FWB203 British Regular Color Bearers and Drummers $8.00
FWB204 British Grenadier Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWB205 Cut Down Coats Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWB206 British Light Infantry Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWB207 Ranger Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWB208 Highland Officers $8.00
FWB209 Highland Color Bearers and NCOs $8.00
FWB210 Highland Drummers and Pipers $8.00
FWB211 Highland Grenadier Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWB212 Highland Small Kilt Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWB213 Provincial Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWB214 Provincial Color Bearers and Drummers $8.00
FWB301 British Artillerists $8.00
FWB401 British Mounted Officers (2 figures) $8.00
FWB402 British Personalities $8.00
French Forces
FWF1 French Regulars Firing $8.00
FWF2 French Regulars Loading $8.00
FWF3 French Regulars Advancing $8.00
FWF4 French Regulars Marching $8.00
FWF5 Compagnies Franches de la Marine Firing $8.00
FWF6 Compagnies Franches de la Marine Loading $8.00
FWF7 Compagnies Franches de la Marine Advancing $8.00
FWF8 Canadian Militia Firing and Loading $8.00
FWF9 Canadian Militia Advancing $8.00
FWF10 Coureurs de Bois Firing and Loading $8.00
FWF11 Coureurs de Bois Advancing $8.00
FWF201 French Regular Officers $8.00
FWF202 French Regular NCOs $8.00
FWF203 French Regular Color Bearers and Drummers $8.00
FWF204 Compagnies Franches de la Marine Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWF205 Canadian Militia Officers and NCOs $8.00
FWF301 French Artillerists $8.00
FWF401 French Mounted Officers (2 figures) $8.00
FWF402 French Personalities $8.00
FWF501 Jesuit Priest (1) $4.00
FWI1 Iroquois Firing $8.00
FWI2 Iroquois Loading $8.00
FWI3 Iroquois Advancing $8.00
FWI4 Iroquois with Clubs and Tomahawks $8.00
FWI5 Iroquois with Bows $8.00
FWI6 Iroquois Kneeling $8.00
FWI7 Iroquois Sneaking $8.00
FWI8 Iroquois Unarmed Men $8.00
FWI9 Iroquois Women $8.00
FWI10 Iroquois Children $8.00
FWI11 Iroquois with Snowshoes Firing $8.00
FWI12 Iroquois with Snowshoes Loading $8.00
FWI13 Iroquois with Snowshoes Advancing $8.00
FWI201 Iroquois Leaders $8.00
FWI501 False Face Shaman (1) $4.00
FWA1 Abenakis Firing $8.00
FWA2 Abenakis Loading $8.00
FWA3 Abenakis Advancing $8.00
FWA201 Abenaki Leaders $8.00
Mohican and Stockbridge
FWM1 Mohicans Firing $8.00
FWM2 Mohicans Loading $8.00
FWM3 Mohicans Advancing $8.00
FWM201 Mohicans Leaders $8.00
FWP1 Unarmed Men $8.00
FWP2 Armed Men $8.00
FWP3 Unarmed Women $8.00
FWP4 Armed Women $8.00
FWP5 Children $8.00
FWS1 Iroquois Casualties $8.00
FWS2 French Casualties $8.00
FWS3 British Casualties $8.00
FWS4 Civilian Casualties $8.00
FWE1 French 4lb Gun (1 gun) $8.00
FWE2 British 6lb Gun (1 gun) $8.00
FWW1 Assorted Weapons $8.00
FWW2 Snowshoes $8.00
FWX1 Blockhouse $50.00
FWX2 Small Cabin $30.00